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Cigar Review | Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto Blend

In the recent months, I’ve done two Alec Bradley cigar reviews. I’ve enjoyed both of them and each had similar flavour profiles. The Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto Blend is a simple cigar that packs some flavour.

Upon taking it out of the humidor, how could I not be impressed by the presentation of the cigar. All of the tobacco in this cigar is from Nicaragua. The wrapper, binder and filler are all classified as Nicaraguan tobacco, so where does the American Sun Grown bit come in? It’s just a name, I reiterate all of the tobacco is Nicaraguan. This cigar uses the same tobacco as the Alec Bradley American Classic. The reference to American is simply the use of the word in a well-managed marketing campaign that distinguishes Alec Bradley cigars from others.

…no fault of the manufacturer… Instead, it was the fool with the match.

Right when you pull this one out of the box and get it close to your nose, it produces spice nestled up against dark chocolate. The prelight draw, gives generally the same profile with hints of sweetness and the first few pulls create an aromatic smoke that fills the air with a pleasant aroma. I should add it was not extraordinary, but better than average.

I enjoyed this cigar for almost 80 minutes, because about 20 minutes in dark, spicy retrohale combined with a matching profile in my mouth allowed me to slow down the amounts of puffs and stoke this cigar to a cool burn.

Alec Bradley American Sun Grown

Unfortunately, I don’t think I lighted it very well as the cigar began to burn poorly. After easily touching it up, one could see that it was no fault of the manufacturer, Alec Bradley. Instead, it was the fool with the match. You can see it in this cigar review here.

As I ventured further into the cigar, any hints of spice or pepper subsided making way for earthy tones, not graphite, but more of soil from a well maintained garden. The cigar consistently burned after the touch up for another 45 minutes and probably about 25 of it was below the band.

The total time of enjoying this cigar was about 90 minutes and I have to admit, it was decent, not mind blowing, but good.

Cigar World Review

On the “Would I Purchase It Again Scale?” Yes, I’d get it again as it has enough resistance on the draw and a medium cocoa flavour with cool hints of spice and earth. A good combination of flavours.

I can see myself sitting at the Bristol, UK Harbourside, watching albatrosses and tourist boats while hanging back cherishing three or four of my “Yank” cigars like the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown when most Brits will not get one Cuban for the same price. Call me silly, but this cigar isn’t cheap, it has value, it’s not expensive either. Where can you get a good Cuban for under a fiver, plus some pence? You can’t so Nicaragua gets my cash this time and time again.

In Germany in the Düsseldorf region? Visit Cigar World for an excellent selection of New World cigars. This is a great way for British cigar smokers to get great cigars that match or rival expensive Cuban cigars.

This cigar review is featured on the iROBUSTO YouTube Channel home to the “Meet in the Middle” Cigar Show.

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