Cigar Review | Aging Room M21 Fortissimo

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I smoke and review the Aging Room M21 Fortissimo. This limited cigar is a 5.75×47 perfecto expertly rolled with a pigtail cap and tapered foot. It features a Dominican Habano wrapper aged over seven years with a Domincan binder and Dominican fillers. The wrapper gives off a grassy, wet dog aroma. Just a slight aroma of tobacco comes out of the foot.

Aging Room M21 Fortissimo

Pre-light, there is black pepper with no sign of spice on my tongue. Once torched, the cigar opens up with a spicy wood. There is some leather through the nose, and the finish gives me a creamy black pepper and slight spice.

Aging Room M21 Fortissimo

After twenty minutes, the first third comes to a close. On the draw, I find woody leather with a very spicy mix of black and red pepper. The retro-hale offers a mossy wood with classic Dominican spice. On the finish, there is a buttery spice alongside some roasted almond and more wood. Body and strength are both very full, and this stick is already a spice bomb.

Aging Room M21 Fortissimo

Forty minutes in, the second third finishes out. The draw blasts me with spicy leather and a continued mix of black and red pepper. Through the nose, there is more spice and rich earth. On the long finish, I get a spicy wood with the introduction of nutmeg and a metallic earth. There is no change in strength or body.

The final third finishes at one hour. On the draw, there are consistent flavors of wood, leather, and black pepper. A spicy toast makes an appearance on the retro-hale with more Dominican twang. The finish continues to be long with a bold black licorice and more nutmeg and metallic earth. Strength and body are still cranked up to the full mark.

Aging Room M21 Fortissimo

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good cigar. It doesn’t present a flavor profile that I typically gravitate toward, but if you enjoy spicy sticks and bold Dominican tobacco, you will really like this cigar. I could tell the extra age on the wrapper helped refine the spice in the blend, and construction is top notch. With prices ranging from $12-14 dollars on this stick, it’s not the cheapest date on the block, but the limited supply of these is dwindling, so get them while you can!

Keep it smoky!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

Cigars can be expensive in the United Kingdom. If you’re ever in Germany and want to try some Aging Room cigars, Cigar World has a good selection.

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  1. Leander McClain (LeeMack912) says:

    Love the wet dog description. Noah, red and black pepper and Domincan twang is a good reason for me to pass, but the exact reason why others should try it. Good review my brother -leemack912 5

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