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It’s Stog o’Clock, and it’s 1502 time once again! Today, I have the 1502 Ruby in the Robusto size to review. It is a 5×50 box-pressed stick with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and all Nicaraguan tobacco within. The wrapper gives off a musty tobacco aroma, and I pick up a slight smoky raisin smell out of the foot. This cigar is absolutely gorgeous looking, and it just screams, “Smoke me!”

1502 Ruby

The cold draw produces a musty mint flavor. Once I torch this beauty, there is a significant amount of black pepper spice with dark cocoa. Through the nose, there is wood and caramel.

1502 Ruby

After twenty minutes, I finish the first third. The draw gives me a rich chocolate with an old-tasting wood and black pepper. There is roasted coffee bean with raisin and caramel through the nose. A sweet smokiness presents itself on the long finish with notes of smooth toast and spicy black cherry. The body of the smoke is full, yet the strength is steady at the medium mark.

1502 Ruby

The second third puts me at forty-five minutes. There is a spicy dark chocolate on the draw with some prune and vanilla. The retro-hale gives me more raisin flavor with oak and a strong tobacco core. On the finish, I pick up a buttery cream with a bomb of black pepper spice and fruity leather. The body is still at the full mark, but strength has jumped up to medium-to-full.

1502 Ruby

The final third ends at one hour and ten minutes. On the draw, there is a pleasant raisin with more spicy chocolate and smoky wood. Dark espresso makes its way through my nose with fruity wood and black pepper. The long finish treats me to sweet, creamy cocoa with a spicy berry and coffee. Strength and body have not changed.

1502 Ruby

Overall, this stick was outstanding. It performed flawlessly with a vast amount of complexity. The flavors were extremely balanced, and the experience was reminiscent of many high-dollar cigars. For just over $7 per stick, this one is hard to beat and is definitely box-worthy. It will be a strong contender for my “top ten” list at the end of the year. Well done, 1502. Well done.

Always loving the leaf,

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

1502 Cigars

You can find participating retailers to purchase 1502Cigars by using their “Locate a Tobacconist” feature on the site. As for now, we’re hoping that these get across the pond. For Nicaraguan cigars like these in UK, Spain and Germany you can check out Cigar World. Next time you’re in the Germany stop by their lounge and hang out, it was rated one of the best cigar lounges in the EU in 2014 by Cigar Journal.

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  • Hi @disqus_DL7E357Bw9:disqus it’s Mark. This cigar has a completely different profile. I found the Emerald a lot more creamy and mild. This one is on the strong side, where that Emerald is much more mild. The draw was exactly the same the construction and consistency beautiful. If you smoked the Emerald directly after the Ruby, the flavors would overpower the Emerald. So having said that, start with a Black Gold then an Emerald and finish with a Ruby! iROBUSTO – MS

  • charlie

    Great review…how does this compare, in your opinion, to the Emerald?

    • CutLightSmoke

      Charlie, the Ruby has what I would call darker and richer flavors. The Emerald was a nice mellow stick with a good amount of complexity, but the Ruby really explodes with bold, balanced flavor.

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