Cigar Humidor Review | NewAir CC-300H

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I review a new humidor. The NewAir CC-300H is a temperature controlled cigar humidor. It features stainless steel trim with a glass door and cedar shelving. The unit retails for $595.95 and can hold quite a few cigars.  

NewAir CC-300H

The NewAir CC-300H is much like the regular CC-300, but it also features heating in addition to the cooling element. The heating tops out at 74 degrees Fahrenheit and is exceptionally accurate and consistent. I tested this unit nearly a month, and the temperature was always right on the dot or within a degree of the chosen setting.

NewAir CC-300H

The front of the humidor features a slick stainless steel trim around the glass door with a digital display at the top showing the temperature setting. There are buttons to adjust the temperature as well as a button to turn on the blue light inside the top of the unit. That light doesn’t provide a ton of illumination, but it’s a nice touch that adds some cool factor.

One of my favorite things about NewAir humidors is the perfect seal and stable environment they provide. The humidor is basically a fridge, and it’s flashed around the door accordingly with a nice suction to it as you close the door. Humidification elements last far longer in this unit than in traditional cedar humidors.

NewAir CC-300H

Inside this bad boy, you’ll find four slotted cedar shelves along with two deep cedar drawers. I filled everything up with singles to maximize space. That being said, I managed to get close to 300 cigars in mine, and I imagine I could fit another 50 if I got creative. If you store boxes, you’ll have a bit less space.

The unit comes with an owner’s manual, quick start guide, product registration card, two keys, and a plastic tray for humidity sources. The key is the same as other NewAir humidors and won’t keep out anyone crafty, but it keeps children away from your cigars.

NewAir CC-300H

I tested this NewAir CC-300H for a good while, and I have to say, this is one of the best humidor options on the market. It’s perfect for most cigar smokers with moderate collections. If you ever plan on having more than 300-400 cigars, I’d go with something bigger, but if your stock is in that range or less, it’s a wonderful option. Price is a bit up there, but it’s worth it. Sure, there are some pretty cool, ornate cedar humidors, but as far as I’m concerned, you won’t find anything this stable in terms of humidity and temperature.

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Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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