Cigar Accessory Review | Colibri SV-Cut

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, we check out another cigar accessory. On the review block today is the Colibri SV-Cut. This cigar cutter offers two styles of cutting in one dense package and retails for $75.

Colibri SV-Cut

The SV-Cut is a cigar cutter featuring both a traditional straight cutter on one side as well as a V-cutter on the other. The straight cutter can accommodate up to a 68-70 ring gauge, while the V-cutter is a little bit smaller.

The cutter is spring loaded. A button is depressed which shoots the blades up. It then needs to me manually closed.

Colibri SV-Cut

Both sides feature sharp blades, though I did experience a couple cracks from the straight cutter while testing. This was minimal, and almost every cigar I cut was clean and precise. The depth of the straight cut is limited to 3mm.

The V-cutter works much the same as Colibri’s popular V-Cut. It’s a very deep cut that slices through any cigar head with ease. Of the two styles on this cutter, I actually prefer the V even though I’m often a straight cut fan.

Colibri SV-Cut

One feature I found rather useful was turning the cutter into a cigar rest. The cutter can stand up on the sides, top, or bottom, and a cigar can be rested above. I’m unsure if this was made by design, but it certainly works well.

Colibri SV-Cut

I’ve used this cutter for some time now, and it’s been reliable and easy to use. The blades haven’t dulled one bit. The only downside to this cutter is the weight. Being that it incorporates two cutters in one device, it’s got some serious heft to it. I haven’t weighed it, but it’s definitely noticeable in the pocket. Nonetheless, this is a reliable and versatile cigar cutter I’d recommend picking up, especially if you like to switch between cutter styles.

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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