Product Review | Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer

The Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer by LeeMack912.

The Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer collects temperature and humidity data and transmits it via Bluetooth. The unit features a LCD screen and a Swiss-made sensing component that provides reliable, accurate measurements. The cell phone app (IOS and android) stores data and allows the user to review by hour, day, week, month or year.

Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer

Recently I had a chance to review the Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer. The set up was quick and easy once I downloaded the app onto my phone. I used the salt and water method to calibrate the device. Upon testing, I found the device to be 5 degrees out of calibration. Changing that value was quick and easy on the app. The app also includes temperature and humidity alarms which will notify the user when those values go above a user defined limit.

After using the Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer for a few weeks I noticed a few things. The device is very sensitive. Whenever I opened my humidor, the device would show and immediate spike in temperature and humidity. The app stores data and the user is able to review the data by hour, day, week, month or year. Overall I was pretty happy with the device and continue to use it.

Temperature Accuracy: -20°C to 60°C (-68°F – 140°F)
Humidity Range: 0 – 99%
Humidity Accuracy: ±3%
Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 16.5mm / 1.57″ x 1.57″ x 0.65″
Weight: 40g / 1.4oz
Battery: AAA (included)
Battery Life: Typ. over 1 year (more in normal conditions, less in extreme cold)
Sampling Interval: Every 2s
On-board Data Storage: 20 days
In-App Data Storage: 2 years
Compatibility: iPhone, Android

Humidor Review | Newair Model CC-100H

Recently Newair reached out and asked if I wanted to review their new humidor the Model CC-100H. They explained that it was similar to others units they sell, however, this one is unique because it not only provides cooling but heating as well. The unit was packaged and shipped securely and arrived in a box weighing approximately 31 pounds. When I took it out of the box I was surprised at the size as it was larger than expected given the size of the packing box. Set up was quick and easy and did not require the reading of the enclosed instruction booklet.

The unit is 19”High x 14”Wide x14”Deep and features two (2) Spanish cedar shelves and a single Spanish cedar drawer. The unit heated to my desired temperature of 70 degrees within the first two hours. The ambient air was approximately fifty (50) degrees. The attached hygrometer appeared to struggle to move above sixty percent (60%). At this point, I decided to check the accuracy of the temperature and humidity with a calibrated digital hygrometer that I use in another humidor. As suspected, the hygrometer was inaccurate. Not only was it inaccurate, it was inconsistently inaccurate. At times it was off by 10% and other times less. I also found that the temperature reading was incorrect. I used two additional thermometers and found that the temperature was reading low by three (3) or four (4) degrees. The good thing was that this inaccuracy was consistent. This can be easily overcome by adjusting the temperature to compensate.

Now on to the good part. The unit holds a ton of cigars (advertised capacity is 250 cigars). Rearranging the shelves allows the user to store a good number of cigars in a variety of box sizes. During my test, I easily packed in 150 cigars with room to spare. I would have preferred to be able to move the drawer to the bottom position. However, when doing this, the drawer does not function properly when placed above the drawer. A slight modification of the drawer or the shelf could easily fix this issue. Due to the depth of the unit, I was able to use several different mini milk crates and dollar storage solutions. The unit holds the temperature quite well. Once the desired temperature was reached, the heating/cooling rarely comes on to adjust the temperature.

One final benefit is that the Newair CC-100H comes with a lock that allows you to lock and secure your precious cigar cargo. So, all in all, I think this humidor is a win. If you are looking to upgrade from a smaller desktop humidor or live in a cooler or warmer climate, the Newair CC-100H is a solution that may work for you.

Want to purchase this humidor? Click the link and add the code: LEEMACK for 20% off NewAir CC-100H

Cigar Review | Felipe Gregorio Power

Good Afternoon my cigar smoking family. It’s LeeMack912 and I am back once again for another cigar review. In my quest to smoke each and every cigar on the planet, I usually come across cigar manufacturers whom I was previously unaware. Felipe Gregorio is today’s guest of honor. Felipe introduced the Power line in 2007.

The cigar is produced once every 7 years. It features the pelo de oro (golden hair) tobacco grown in central Costa Rica, rooster tail habano binder and ancestral Cuban Havana seed. Only 1,000 boxes of each size are produced in this limited edition line. LeeMack912 smokes and reviews this cigar.

There are five different vitolas, each in boxes of 25:

Felipe Gregorio Power 2014 Special Robusto (5 x 52)
$12 each (Boxes of 25, $300) — 1,000 Boxes of 25 (25,000 Total Cigars)

Felipe Gregorio Power 2014 Torbusto (4 1/2 x 58)
$13 each (Boxes of 25, $325) — 1,000 Boxes of 25 (25,000 Total Cigars)

Felipe Gregorio Power 2014 Triple R (5 1/2 x 55)
$14 each (Boxes of 25, $350) — 1,000 Boxes of 25 (25,000 Total Cigars)

Felipe Gregorio Power 2014 No. II Torpedo (6 1/4 x 52)
$14 each (Boxes of 25, $350) — 1,000 Boxes of 25 (25,000 Total Cigars)

Felipe Gregorio Power 2014 Full Power (6 x 62)
$16 each (Boxes of 25, $400 — 1,000 Boxes of 25 (25,000 Total Cigars)

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Felipe Gregorio Power

Cigar Review | Crowned Heads, Montecristo Ciudad de Musica

Crowned Heads’ Jon Huber and Altadis’ Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr. have collaborated to create the Montecristo Ciudad de Music (City of Music) cigar. Comprised of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler this cigar is offered in several vitolas:

Corona Gorda (5 5/8 x 46)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Sublime (6 x 54)
Piramide (6 1/8 x 52)

Pricing is set at $11.95-16 per cigar and the Piramide size is set to be a Casa de Montecristo exclusive. LeeMack912 smokes and reviews and lets you know if this was a home run or a swing and a miss.

Cigar Lounge Review | Spartan Cigar & Pipe Lounge

Spartan Cigar Lounge

Spartan Cigar & Pipe Lounge is a relaxing place where you can enjoy your favorite cigars and pipes.  The lounge features a large public lounge as well as a private lounge.  Membership is available with and with out a locker.  Membership grants private rear access and purchase discounts.  Spartan also features a fully stocked humidor, premium smoke eaters and ventilation as well as a great selection of accessories for both the cigar and pipe smoker.  The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing.  If you are in the area, stop by.  Tell them LeeMack912 sent you.

Cigar Review | Davidoff Yamasa

The Davidoff Yamasa!


What’s happening my cigar smoking family? Today was another great day in my neighborhood. So in order to celebrate I decided to smoke and review a top-shelf cigar. The newest cigar in the Davidoff family is called Yamasa. This cigar was the result of long experiment. The Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic was a swampy area said to be unfit for growing tobacco. In order to prove everyone wrong, Henke Kelner set out to propagate the beloved tobacco plant in this area. The process included two years of soil tending and seed selection. The PH of the soil was raised plant by plant giving each plant the exact amount of nutrients needed. Though the site covers 100 hectares, only 21 are used for the fine tobacco in the Yamasa.


The new line is offered in four sizes:

Robusto (5 x 50, $19.70)
Toro (6 x 52, $22.70)
Pirámides (6 1/8 x 52, $23)
Petit Churchill (4 x 48, $12.90)


The three larger sizes come in boxes of 12 while the Petit Churchill will be packaged in boxes of 14. In addition, all four sizes are offered in four-packs
Wrapper: Yamasá
Binder: San Vicente from Yamasá
Filler: Nicaraguan tobaccos from Condega and Estelí Dominican Piloto and Mejorado

Watch the video to see if I rate this cigar a win… or a fail. In the meantime, light up one of your top shelf cigar and enjoy the ride.


Cigar Review | Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown

The Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown cigar reviewed by LeeMack912

It has been a long time since long filler tobacco was being grown in Florida; 1977 to be exact. Jeff Borysiewicz owner of the Orlando-area Corona Cigar stores began growing tobacco on land he purchased outside of Orlando. Some say to avoid paying residential taxes on the land, other s say he just loved tobacco. He eventually partnered up with Drew Estates and released a new blend titled Florida Sun Grown (FSG). The cigar was blended by Willy Herrera and it took him 2 years to complete the project.

Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Habano Seed Honduran
Filler: Nicaragua & FSG
The new Florida Sun Grown cigar line will feature four new sizes, listed below:
Robusto (5 x 54), MSRP $230/20ct box
Toro (6 x 52), MSRP $260/20ct box
Belicoso (6 ½ x 54), MSRP $280/20ct box
Sixty (6 x 60), MSRP $300/20ct box
Limited Edition Trunk-Pressed Toro (6 x 54)

Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown

Today’s pairing is from Coney Island Brewing Freaktoberfest Big Ol Pumpkin Ale – brewed with pumpkin, spices and espresso beans
My first impression of this tobacco is that it smells kinda like old batteries and tobacco. It is rolled impeccably. I would expect nothing less from Drew Estates. The cold draw reminds me of dried fruit and damp musty books in the basement. Upon first light I made a terrible face because it had a strong mineral earth and alkaline flavor.

The flavor was also very drying with increasing pepper. To see the full detail, watch the review.

Price – 3/5
Construction – 5/5
Flavor – 3/5
Overall – 3/5
Total – 3.4/5