Accessory Review | Colibri Monaco Cigar Lighter

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I review a cigar lighter. The Colibri Monaco is a triple flame butane cigar lighter. For this review, I test out the Metallic Charcoal. It retails for $79.

This triple flame lighter features a unique pyramid flame pattern. The three burners are lined up straight across with each side burner turned slightly inward toward the center burner. This creates quite a powerful flame when it hits the foot of a cigar.

In my time testing the Monaco, I never once experienced any trouble igniting the flame. Often, many sub-par cigar lighters will continually click without lighting over and over again. Bleeding the tank of air when refilling often improves performance, but many lighters still don’t cut it. This one was a dream with a very smooth pull-down ignition on the front face.

The size is very appropriate for pocket carry, but it has a decent size fuel tank as well. I found myself lighting many cigars before a refill of fuel. With such a powerful flame, it takes much less time to light a stick as well. The flame is very wind resistant.  

On the bottom of the lighter, as is common with many, there is a found refill point as well as a flame adjustment know. Up on top is a flip-top cap that must be manually opened and closed. I did find out the flame can be ignited while the lid is closed, but it keeps it contained and goes out almost immediately.

On the rear of the Colibri Monaco, a large fuel window sits in the center of the lighter. It’s got Colibri’s signature blue illusion design which makes it very easy to see. This is one of the best lighter features on the market that I wish every company would incorporate.

The finish on this thing is slick. It’s offered in both a metallic finish (what I’ve got) and a carbon fiber finish. I prefer the metallic, but both are slick. The lighter seems to be made very well with durable materials. The Colibri Monaco has been tested to function up to 9,000 feet in altitude, and the company warrants the product for two years.

Overall, this Colibri Monaco has been a flawless lighter. I’ve tested it a few months with many cigars, and it never failed me. The ignition is crisp and smooth with nearly unmatched reliability. It seems like it will hold up to time, and I find myself reaching to this more than much more expensive lighters. Still, it’s $79 which isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not too expensive, either. I find it to be a reliable, competitive value in comparison to what’s on the market and highly recommend picking one up if you need a new torch.

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

Cigar Review | Jajoreo Cigars

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out the first offering from Jajoreo Cigars. The Jajoreo is a box-pressed Toro measuring 6 x 52. It retails for $10 and is rolled in the Rodriquez Olivan Factory in the Dominican Republic. A super oily Dominican Habano 2000 wrapper conceals a Honduran binder and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Construction appears very rustic.

Jajoreo Cigars

The wrapper produces a potent flowery chocolate aroma while I smell the same out of the foot. Once lit, my tongue is greeted with cinnamon and vanilla. Through the nose, there is sweet graham cracker and cinnamon. The finish displays white pepper and flowery earth.  

Jajoreo Cigars

Twenty-five minutes in, the first third comes to a close. On the draw, I pick up black pepper with Dominican twang and a distinct saltiness. Through the nose, vanilla blends with potpourri. The finish gives me black pepper with cocoa and earth. Both strength and body settle in at medium.

Jajoreo Cigars

The second third wraps up right at the one hour mark. I find cinnamon and spicy black pepper on the draw. On the retro-hale, brown sugar melts together with more vanilla and a hint of coffee. The finish sees no noticeable changes. Strength and body creep up the high side of medium.

Jajoreo Cigars

The final third ends at an hour and a half. This Jajoreo charges full steam ahead in the final third. Black pepper and Dominican twang dominate the draw. Through the nose, flowery earth and spicy cinnamon pair up. Bombs of black pepper blast me on the finish with notes of earth and cocoa. Strength and body finish out at medium-to-full.

The Jajoreo is a nice entry into the crowded cigar market. It didn’t blow me away, but it’s a good cigar. The pre-light and lit aroma is amazing on this thing, and it will immediately fill a room with huge clouds of aromatic smoke. Complexity was decent, and the flavors presented were enjoyable. Construction is spot on, though a bit rustic in appearance. I won’t rush out to buy a box, but I do recommend giving it a try.

Smoke on!


Press Release | JSK Announces Nuggs Shipping Date

February 12, 2019

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs 
Shipping April 2019 to all retailers

20mg of Hemp Derived CBD in each cigar.

Jas Sum Kral .Inc developed the proprietary CBD solution with a laboratory that is effective in absorption at the buccal mucosa.

JSK Announces Nuggs Shipping Date

 JSK Announces Nuggs Shipping Date

They will come in boxes of 25. With proper regulations of labeling required for cbd retail stores that will follow each states guidelines.  

$12 MSRP per cigar.

If you need a price sheet please contact JSK at

Contact Information

For the Midwest please contact David Rico
West Coast please contact Casey Aldulaimi

Accessory Review | Colibri Quasar Cut Cigar Cutter

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out a new cigar cutter. The Colibri Quasar Cut is a double-guillotine cigar cutter with open faced blades. It retails for $59.

Colibri Quasar Cut

I used this cutter on close to 40 cigars with varying ring gauges and shapes. Every single cut was very precise and clean. Never once did it crack any cigar heads, and it seemed to easily make its way through even some of the thickest cigars I’ve smoked.

The cutter can accommodate up to a 62 ring gauge cigar which is sufficient for most cigar smokes. If you need something for those huge 70 or 80 ring gauge sticks, you may want to look elsewhere, but for my purposes, this thing is perfect.

Colibri Quasar Cut

The blades are made of 440 stainless steel and are spring loaded for opening. They must be manually closed, but they work much like many of the teardrop cutters and the like on the market currently.

The sides of the cutter are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand, and the blades move almost in tandem unlike some similar designs from other companies where you will find one blade typically moves and the other just stays in place.

The design of the cutter itself is phenomenal. It appears very high end with the pyramid-like spikes all around the thing, and it looks like a much more expensive accessory.

Colibri Quasar Cut

I found the Colibri Quasar Cut to be one of the best cutters I’ve ever used. The blades have remained very sharp on every cigar I’ve cut, and it just gets the job done. The skeletonized blades put less metal through a cigar head, and they allow scraps to fall through once cut. Price point is very competitive for what you get, and I think this is one of the best values currently on the market.  I highly recommend it!

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

Cigar Review | Foundation The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 Toro

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out Foundation Cigar Company’s newest offering. The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 is a follow up to the original Tabernacle release. For this review, I smoke the Toro. This 6 x 52 parejo retails for $11.50. It features a Connecticut Havana Seed CT #142 wrapper concealing a Mexican San Andres binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras.

It should be noted this stick is one of the most perfectly rolled cigars I’ve seen in quite a long time. The silky smooth wrapper produces chocolate and leather while I smell rich tobacco. The cold draw gives me a hint of raisin flavor.

Once lit, there’s an oily earth which I can best describe as olive oil mixed with dirt. Through the nose, I find sweet cocoa and marshmallow. The finish hits me with leather and subtle black pepper.

Thirty minutes in, the first third closes out. On the draw, cocoa blends with black pepper and leather. Through the nose, there is an exceptionally delicious combo of sweet cocoa and marshmallow almost like a hot chocolate. The finish offers black pepper and leather alongside earth. Both strength and body settle in at medium.

One hour passes, and I see the second third wisp away. There’s more cocoa and black pepper on the tongue with the addition of graham cracker. The retro-hale continues to delight with a transition to more of a Snicker’s bar flavor with nougat, cocoa, and nuttiness. The finish gives me a blend of spicy black pepper, cedar, and black licorice. Strength and body both bump up slightly to medium-to-full.

One hour and forty-five minutes in, the final third finishes. I pick up some cocoa, espresso, and leather on the draw. Through the nose, there is another transition with flavors of cocoa, black pepper, and cinnamon. The finish ramps up with bold black pepper, black licorice, and orange peel. This third brought strength and body to a hefty full.

The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 by Foundation Cigar Co. is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in a long time. It’s a phenomenal blend that astonishes the palate with a great deal of complexity and dessert-like flavors. Construction is absolutely perfect, and smoke pours off this gem. It’s a must try and multiple-box worthy cigar I highly recommend.

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

Press Release | Smoke Inn Announces New MoyaRuiz Collaboration

Smoke Inn announces the 13th installment  in their popular Microblend  ™ Series!

Friday, January 25, 2019- Boynton Beach, Florida. 

Smoke Inn has collaborated with MoyaRuiz Cigars to introduce the 13th installment of their popular Microblend ™ Series.  For this unique collaboration Smoke Inn asked MoyaRuiz Cigars for something extremely creative and unique. 

Some of their popular limited releases have been off the wall and even controversial , who better to ask! Their answer was simple The Hand Gripper!  Two cigars connected together in order to resemble an actual pair of forearm flexing hand grippers. 

Size of the cigar will be a 5 x 52 robusto featuring an Ecuadorian Habano oscuro wrapper with a binder and fillers from Nicaragua.  Only 300 numbered boxes were produced in the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua containing 12 cigars or (6 pairs of hand grippers) at an MSRP of $99.00 per box. 

Smoke Inn MoyaRuiz Hand Gripper

The Hand Gripper will be released at Smoke Inn’s annual mega cigar event, The Great Smoke  February 16th, which will be held at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, FL . 

Remaining boxes after the event will be available to the general public through their retail stores on February 18th and will be available online, at Noon EST.

Danny Moya of Moya Ruiz Cigars, commented “For us the concept was simple, let’s create something that’s never been done before.  We are the only company that has a utility patent to be able to connect two cigars together so we came up with The Hand Gripper.  As a small company to be a part of Smoke Inn’s Microblend™ Series is a dream come true.  We are honored to join some of the great cigar companies that are part of this series.  We couldn’t be more thankful to Abe and the entire Smoke Inn team for supporting us since day one. “

For more information, please contact

Smoke Inn Cigars
1030 Gateway Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33246

Press Release | Jas Sum Kral Announces Tyrannical Buc

Jas Sum Kral has officially announced its newest cigar release.

January 30, 2019

ty·ran·ni·cal /təˈranək(ə)l/ adj. 1 exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way 2 characteristic of tyranny; oppressive and controlling

The Tyrannical Buc introduces brothers and sisters of the leaf to a style of power so intoxicating, it is guaranteed to rule even the most independent of palates.

Tyrannical Buc

Never fear! Your tyrant is here!

May we introduce to you the newest addition to the highly-rated Jas Sum Kral line, the Tyrannical Buc. Fresh from the gifted intellect of creator Riste Ristevski, this first-rate cigar yields a true power house blend of entrancing flavors and palate-pleasing complexity perfectly suitable for veteran smokers.

For those of you about to treat yourself to this smokable JSK delicacy, prepare for a cigar that packs a punch so draconian, even Ivan the Terrible cowers under its hazy clouds.

The Tyrannical Buc comes in two sizes (4×48, 6.5×50).

 I’ll tell you the blend in person … 

Riste Ristevski