Accessory Review | XIKAR Volta Quad Flame Lighter

It’s not Stog o’Clock this time, but today, we’re checking out a cigar accessory! I got my hands on a XIKAR Volta quad flame table lighter in an exclusive brilliant white and black color scheme. XIKAR makes some of the best cigar accessories in the industry, so I checked out this hefty pop-can-like torch to see if it stacked up to the company’s reputation.


This beast comes exclusively in the Avalanche Gift Set which also comes with a white and black XO cutter. The set comes packed in a nice display box and retails for $219.99. Both the lighter and cutter are available as regular production items in a variety of other colors, but this is the only place you’ll find the white and black look.

The lighter is of a cylindrical shape a bit smaller than a pop can but much heavier. It fits well in the hand with a pretty solid heft. The top of the lighter rotates to open or close the opening for the four burners. It looks much like a sci-fi movie space ship door.


On the main body is a glossy white finish with a fuel window and a large round ignition button in black. To all lighter manufacturers: please, please, please always include a fuel window on a lighter. It’s just nice to have. In the case of the Volta, it won’t deplete quickly as this beast holds a ton of butane. I’ve used it dozens and dozens of times, and fuel is still plentiful.


The bottom of the lighter is black and also rotates to control the flow of fuel spitting out a smaller, sputtering flame all the way up to an inferno of four giant torch flames igniting a cigar in the blink of an eye. The fuel re-filling valve is located dead center.


I’ve used the Volta a many number of times since I got it back in December. It’s been reliable every time with immediate flames at the push of a button so long as it’s not turned completely down. With four flames, it lights a cigar quickly and would be convenient for large ring gauge smokers.

Fuel lasts forever, and I like the safety of a fuel opening that closes and prevents any flame from coming out if accidentally ignited. The lighter looks amazing in my opinion. It’s definitely a table-only lighter, though. This thing is super heavy, and it wouldn’t make for a good travel lighter. However, if you’re in the market for a lighter to find a home in your man cave or to simply sit on any table where you light up, this is one of the best on the market, and I highly recommend it.

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)


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