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Accessory Review | Colibri Monaco Cigar Lighter

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I review a cigar lighter. The Colibri Monaco is a triple flame butane cigar lighter. For this review, I test out the Metallic Charcoal. It retails for $79.

This triple flame lighter features a unique pyramid flame pattern. The three burners are lined up straight across with each side burner turned slightly inward toward the center burner. This creates quite a powerful flame when it hits the foot of a cigar.

In my time testing the Monaco, I never once experienced any trouble igniting the flame. Often, many sub-par cigar lighters will continually click without lighting over and over again. Bleeding the tank of air when refilling often improves performance, but many lighters still don’t cut it. This one was a dream with a very smooth pull-down ignition on the front face. So, if you’re looking for the best cigar lighter, this might be a suitable choice for you.

The size is very appropriate for pocket carry, but it has a decent size fuel tank as well. I found myself lighting many cigars before a refill of fuel. With such a powerful flame, it takes much less time to light a stick as well. The flame is very wind resistant.  

On the bottom of the lighter, as is common with many, there is a found refill point as well as a flame adjustment know. Up on top is a flip-top cap that must be manually opened and closed. I did find out the flame can be ignited while the lid is closed, but it keeps it contained and goes out almost immediately.

On the rear of the Colibri Monaco, a large fuel window sits in the center of the lighter. It’s got Colibri’s signature blue illusion design which makes it very easy to see. This is one of the best lighter features on the market that I wish every company would incorporate.

The finish on this thing is slick. It’s offered in both a metallic finish (what I’ve got) and a carbon fiber finish. I prefer the metallic, but both are slick. The lighter seems to be made very well with durable materials. The Colibri Monaco has been tested to function up to 9,000 feet in altitude, and the company warrants the product for two years.

Overall, this Colibri Monaco has been a flawless lighter. I’ve tested it a few months with many cigars, and it never failed me. The ignition is crisp and smooth with nearly unmatched reliability. It seems like it will hold up to time, and I find myself reaching to this more than much more expensive lighters. Still, it’s $79 which isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not too expensive, either. I find it to be a reliable, competitive value in comparison to what’s on the market and highly recommend picking one up if you need a new torch.

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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