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Cigar Review | Eiroa the First 20 Years

Twenty years ago, Christian Eiroa began a career in the tobacco industry. His family purchased the Camacho brand in 1995. Christian formed the CLE Cigar Company in 2012. To celebrate his 20 year anniversary, he created a new regular production cigar called EIROA, The First 20 Years. What makes this cigar special is the blend created by his father Julio. The cigar is a Honduran puro with all tobacco grown in the Jamastran Valley. The binder is reported to be an heirloom crop of tobacco that hasn’t been used in over 50 years. The cigar is offered in four sizes.

Sizes 5 x 50 – $11.60
6 x 46 – $11.60
6 x 54 – $12.60
Toro 6 x 60 – $13.60

The bottom of the cigar is wrapped in decorative tissue paper. I like this presentation because the tissue protects the wrapper and allows it to breath at the same time. The tissue paper easily slides off when you are ready to smoke it. Once unwrapped the smoker is presented with a boxed pressed cigar, minimal veins and a natural dark tobacco color. The tobacco visible through the foot is also very dark and rich in appearance. The aroma is a sour smell reminiscent of certain Cuban cigars. The cold draw reminds of damp books in a basement.

Upon first light I blow out a big thick cloud of smoke which immediately fills the air and refuses to dissipate. The flavor is rich with a complex set of flavors including buttered toast, a slight bite, a slight amount of black pepper, coffee, peanut, chocolate and cocoa. There is minimal pepper spice and no real sweetness. This is a well constructed cigar which burned flawlessly. The strength is medium-ful strength and medium-full body. From beginning to end this cigar does not disappoint. If you are looking for a good cigar that is a little bit more expensive than your every day smokes, but still don’t want to break the bank…Try the EIROA, The First 20 Years.

Price – 4/5
Construction – 5/5
Flavor – 5/5
Overall Experience – 5/5
Total – 4.6/5

Cigars for this review were purchased by iROBUSTO

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